Thursday, December 22, 2011

Get ready with me - Work

In this video I get ready for work,,  I like to have a clean flawless matte completion for work, keeping my face very neutral besides the bold Pink lip and a dash of rose coloured blush. I like to change the style of my makeup I wear to work everyday.

For a flawless completion I believe the key is to use good makeup brushes, my favourite brush for foundation is Sigmas Synthetic flattop kabuki brush, Its amazing for applying liquid foundation!
A tip for using any makeup brush is to clean it regularly, This will benefit the application of product to your skin, and by cleaning your brushes often you will not be adding bacteria and other unwanted things onto your skins therefore not getting acne from your makeup brushes.

Hope you all enjoyed watching this video, have a very merry Christmas :)

Below is a list of products use in this video:

Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation #shell
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Sigma Contour Brush
Rimmel Quad Eyeshadow Pallet in #002 Smokey Brun
Maybelline Line Define
Miscellaneous Crease Brush
Maybeline Last Stilleto in Black
Revlon Eyelash Curler
NYX Lip liner in "Hot Pink"
Rimmel Lipstcik in #028 Celeb

Monday, December 19, 2011

Silver Glitter French Manicure Nail Tutorial

Tis the season to get festive, so why not try blinging your nails out for the festive season, In this video I show you a cute and simple nail look you can use for the festive season or anytime you wish to let your hands do the talking (haha). This nail look was inspired by christmas lights tinsel and obviously christmas one of my favourite holidays!

This nail look can be created cheaply and is super quick and very simple, A simple tip when creating this nail look is to not worry to much when applying the white french tip as the glitter will cover this anyways. It is purely to make the glitter stand out better. :)

I really hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial, Remember to take a picture of this look and show me! You can send the pictures to me over the internet by sharing it on my facebook page or twitter :)



Let me know if you have any nail polish tutorial requests etc

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas :)

Below is a list of products mentioned in this video:

Orly Basecoat - Farmers -
Orly Topcoat -- Farmers -
Orly Mini White Out - Farmers -
Miscellaneous Silver Glitter - Dollar Shop Westfield Mall Christchurch

Monday, December 12, 2011

Candy Cane Nail Tutorial

In this video I create a simple Christmas Inspired Candy Cane Nail Polish Look, Perfect for the festive season. This look is very simple to achieve all you will need is a small nail brush, a stead hand and red and white polish, Dont forget your base and top coat though for that perfect finish! :)

TIP: When doing this candy cane nail look be sure to have a steady hand when painting on the lines, Having a steady hand is very important when doing this look because the lines look so much nicer having good clean edges rather then bumpy edges  (It all takes practice)

Let me know if you have any nail polish tutorial requests etc

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas :)

Hope you enjoyed this video, more on the way.

Below is a list of products mentioned in this video:

Orly Mini Red Carpet
Orly Mini White Out
Miscellaneous Nail polish Brush

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Current Hair Routine - For healthy, Shiny Hair

In this video I show you my current hair routine, this routine helps make your hair shiny and healthy and silky soft! I have been paying a lot of attention to haircare lately as I am trying to grow my hair out, Previously I used to wear hair extensions but the extensions I had were horrible quality and the clips never held. The reason I am paying so much attention to my hair these days is that a year or two ago I was given a perm which was over processed leaving my hair very burnt, orange and frizzy. It was a terrible experience as I had to straighten my hair everyday and use conditioner in my hair everyday to try and prevent my hair from falling out!!
My hair is so soft and is growing very fast these days after doing this routine, I am so in love with Redkens Headglide heat protectant is amazing! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to invest in a great heat protectant which will look after your hair from the heat.
A great secret to heat protectants is that even if you are not using a heat product on your hair the heat protectant will protect your hair from the sun, just like sunscreen but for your hair :D

Hope you enjoyed this video, more on the way.

Below is a list of products mentioned in this video:Redken Heatglide Heatprotectant
CHI Silk Infusion

Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner

Saturday, November 19, 2011

French Manicure Nail Tutorial

In this video I show you how to create a classic french manicure, I love french manicures there is honestly something so famine and beautiful about them, plus they are a classic which has been around for years. I have always struggled to achieve a french manicure but I find using the dotting tool is handy. What I didn't say in this video is that you can always use the dotting tool first and then paint white over the dotted area a few times if your dotting turns lumpy.

Hope you enjoyed this video, more on the way.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Clean makeup brushes

In this video I show you a simple and effective way to clean your makeup brushes, this way of cleaning your makeup brushes will not only get rid of any makeup residue it will also disinfect them and treat the hairs on the makeup brush making your brushes last longer.
I use this technique on all my makeup brushes, it works really well, plus I like the fact that im not applying any bad chemicals to my makeup brushes which could get on my skin. I find when I clean my brushes this way I dont break out as much and makeup becomes easier to apply. The great thing about this technique is its using household products which pretty much any household has, so its not going to break your budget or make you go out of your way.

Hope you enjoyed this video, more on the way.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pink Dotty Nail Tutorial

This tutorial was partly inspired by one of my childhood memories which I share with other girls all around the world, Barbie. This nail design is super girly and really easy to achieve. The hardest part is finding the patience and time for your nails to dry.
I love this nail look as it uses a lot of glitter and pink, great for any season! If you want you could always change the colours and mix it up a little to create your own take on this look.
Whatever you do have fun and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this video, more on the way.

Below is a list of products mentioned in this video:
Orly Mini Nailpolish in "White Out"

O.P.I Nailpolish in "Kiss On The Chic"
O.P.I Nailpolish in "I Lilly Love You"
Orly Topcoat
Daniel Stone Dotting Tool

Monday, November 7, 2011

Collective Haul

In this Collective Haul Video I show you what I have brought over 2 - 3 months,  If your like me its always so exciting to get mail and packages delivered. My birthday was in september so I had some birthday money to spend so I got shopping.
 Probably my favourite items from this collective haul were ether my Flat top Synthetic Kabuki Brush, OPI I Lilly Love you, NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencils or Redken's Heatglide Heat Protestant. Most of these items I have heard great things about from other youtube gurus and added them to my wish list. However I still recommend all these products as they are all amazing!
I find when buying cosmetics its usually cheaper to look at online stores rather then going to a store. If shipping is cheap or an item has free shipping I am usually more inclined to buy that item,  not sure if anyone else is the same in that way.
At the moment I have been going through this giant stage of buying nail polishes (mainly sparkly ones) and also spending more money on quality hair products as I am trying to grow my hair longer and keep it healthy. The heat protectant that I brought by Redken is honestly amazing, it not only keeps my hair from getting burnt by heating tools ie straighteners and Blowdryers but it leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy not to mention silky. I am a frequent user of CHI's silk infusion hair product, this all started when I had a bad experience with dare I say it "Perms!" Not only was it a terrible perm they over processed my hair leaving it orange and frizzy and practically dead so from that day onwards I look after my hair and started using CHI to add silkiness to my hair.
 Let me know if you are going to or have brought one of the products I mentioned in my collective haul would be great to hear what others have to say about some of the products :).

Hope you enjoyed this video, more on the way.

Below is a list of products mentioned in this video:

Nyx Cream Blush in #03 Tea Rose - Porkdaisy
Nyx Cream Blush in #02 Natural - Porkdaisy
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean - Porkdaisy
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese - Porkdaisy
CHI Silk Infusion 59ml/2FL OZ - Strawberrynet
Redken Smooth Down Heat Glid 150ml/5FL OZ - Strawberrynet
Rimmel Eyeshadow Quad #002 Smokey Brun - Snatchadeal
Rimmel Eyeshadow Quad #740 Fever - Snatchadeal
Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in Frisky Clover
Sigma Synthetic Flat top Kabuki Brush F80 - SigmaBeauty
Sigma Buffer Brush - SigmaBeauty
Sigma Small Contour Brush - SigmaBeauty
Sigma Concealer Brush - SigmaBeauty
OPI I Lilly Love You - Gracielou
Maybelline Lash Stiletto - 1day

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Get Ready With Me

In this get ready video i get ready to go shopping, I went for a natural face look and a neutral smokey eye paying attention to my eyes and adding volume to my lashes. And yes I used my sigma flat top kabuki brush which I'm in love with!
What I wore in this video was a black singlet with a zebra animal print singlet over the top, I then paired this with a Black blazer, I pulled up the sleeves to give a more casual yet tidy look. I wore Black faux jean jeggings.

Below is a list of products use in this video:

Almay Smart Shade Makeup Liquid Foundation in Light
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
Artiste Foundation Brush
Sigma Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Sigma Contour Brush
Rimmel Quad Eyeshadow Pallet in #002 Smokey Brun
Elizabeth Arden Bronzing powder in Sun Goddess Medium
Revlon Colourstay Eyeliner in Black
Miscellaneous Crease Brush
Maybeline Last Stilleto in Black
Revlon Eyelash Curler

OOTD November 1st

In this outfit of the day im pairing a keeping it clean and casual, everyone should have a little black dress, you can dress a black dress up or down depending on how you feel. In this video I am wearing some red colour flats. What I love about black dresses and black cloths in particular is that fact you can wear practically any colour with black.

The dress im wearing I brought from Trendz, I love this dress because of variation in length. (the dress is not the same length the whole way round)

Hope you enjoyed this video, more on the way.

Products Listed in this video:
Black Dress - Brought from Trendz
Rose Ring - Diva
Red Buckle shoes - Hannahs
Nails - I lilly love you

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OOTD Oct 6th

In this Outfit of the day video I wanted to show the viewer how pairing contrasting colours (Black & White) can be quite flattering and looks pleasing to the eye. I've chosen a high waisted, knee high black skirt with lace detailing and paired it with a simple white singlet with a lace cutout on the back. The skirt sits nicely on the waist adding shape and creating the illusions of curves, This skirt has a puffy shape to it which makes the waist look smaller then it actually is.
I've paired this outfit with a simple black kitten heel shoe with a pointy toe, and added a copper orange belt around the waist to add a little colour, I have also kept the copper colour flowing throughout the entire outfit by wearing a copper and black coloured owl on a chain necklace.

I hope you enjoyed this video, Until next time. Take care!

Products Listed in this video:
White Dress (which I wore as a top) - Hippie shop motueka
Black Lacey Skirt - Cotton On
Gold/Black Own Necklace - Diva
Black Bow Ring - Diva
Black Kitten Heel Shoes - Hannahs ( )

Monday, October 10, 2011

Beauty Haul + Sunglasses

In this haul video I show you some of the latest beauty product and fashion purchases, Probably the most exciting find in this haul were the two pairs of sunglasses that I brought from Postie Plus of all places, they honestly had such a great selection!
Now I have had a few people ask me what I think about Elf's eyelid primer which I purchased and mentioned in this haul, my honest opinion on the Elf eyelid primer is that it seems to be a great primer so far, Eyeliner tends to not smudge as easily and eyeshadow stays to where applied so im pretty happy with it so far, however I think I would be interested in trying other primers as this is my first primer I have tried so I cant compare.

I hope you enjoyed this video, Until next time. Take care!

Products Listed in this video:
Tiki Sunglasses x2 - Postie Plus
Elf Eyelid Primer
Nail Art Tool (dotting tool) by Daniel Stone -
O.P.I Mini in "My Address is Hollywood" -
Tester Sachet Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel -
Rings X2 - Gifted to me by my Nana

Friday, September 23, 2011

Beauty & Fashion Haul

My recent haul was a mixture of drugstore cosmetics and fashion pieces, probably my favourite thing I brought in this haul were the two Rimmel lipsticks I got in #028 Celeb and #250 Birthday Suit.
The shade "Celeb" is a candy pink great for going out or adding a little bit of colour to a natural/neutral face where as the shade "Birthday Suit" is a more nude/neutral colour which is also great on a natural/neutral face but looks amazing when using very pigmented eyeshadow's.

Hope you enjoyed my first haul video, Remember to sub to my channel for more videos by me!

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

The images below show a overview of the final look of my natural makeup tutorial, this look was created in about seven or so minutes and was relatively easy. Before creating this look I used little bit of oil free moisturizer, this helped to blend the foundation into the skin.

How do I get my hair so silky and shiny? I use CHI's silk infusion on my hair, You can purchase CHI products from the link provided if you live in America below: Click Here

Saturday, September 10, 2011

OOTD Sept 8th

These items were featured on my outfit of the day for the 8th of september, A mix of neutral colours and nature based patterns made this piece perfect for springtime. Combining a loose flowing dress with a bold belt added detail to the waist creating shape.

I really hope you enjoyed my OOTD, feel free to subscribe and like my video :)