Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pink Dotty Nail Tutorial

This tutorial was partly inspired by one of my childhood memories which I share with other girls all around the world, Barbie. This nail design is super girly and really easy to achieve. The hardest part is finding the patience and time for your nails to dry.
I love this nail look as it uses a lot of glitter and pink, great for any season! If you want you could always change the colours and mix it up a little to create your own take on this look.
Whatever you do have fun and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this video, more on the way.

Below is a list of products mentioned in this video:
Orly Mini Nailpolish in "White Out"

O.P.I Nailpolish in "Kiss On The Chic"
O.P.I Nailpolish in "I Lilly Love You"
Orly Topcoat
Daniel Stone Dotting Tool

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