Monday, December 12, 2011

Candy Cane Nail Tutorial

In this video I create a simple Christmas Inspired Candy Cane Nail Polish Look, Perfect for the festive season. This look is very simple to achieve all you will need is a small nail brush, a stead hand and red and white polish, Dont forget your base and top coat though for that perfect finish! :)

TIP: When doing this candy cane nail look be sure to have a steady hand when painting on the lines, Having a steady hand is very important when doing this look because the lines look so much nicer having good clean edges rather then bumpy edges  (It all takes practice)

Let me know if you have any nail polish tutorial requests etc

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas :)

Hope you enjoyed this video, more on the way.

Below is a list of products mentioned in this video:

Orly Mini Red Carpet
Orly Mini White Out
Miscellaneous Nail polish Brush

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