Sunday, April 22, 2012

♡ My Current Shoe Collection and Storage ♡

Hey everyone, If there is such thing as a shoe-oholic then I think I think I may be one! I have a shoe fetish, Just recently I rehoused all my shoes. I wanted to show my shoes off as a piece of art in my room, as I am very proud of my shoe collection, I guess you could say I'm a little bit of a shoe collector. hehe
There was a sale of small bookcases, two for $25 NZD at The Warehouse. I ended up purchasing four bookcases to house my shoes in. I think its smartened up my room and definitely has kept my shoes in a nice, organized order. I like to keep boots on top of the book case as they range in size and length, and all my pretty shoes for example heels inside the bookcases.

I'm so excited about my new shoe storage I had to share a few pictures of what it looked like plus a quick glance at my shoe collection. 

Hope you all liked this post
Love Creative Gesture



  1. Love those bookcases, I use mine for shoes too

    1. They look great! Need more shoes to full up the bookcases haha :)


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