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♡ Garnier BB Cream: Review, Swatches & Application ♡

Hey everyone, I'm so excited to have recently had the opportunity to review Garnier's BB cream after being contacted by Garnier New Zealand. I have been wanting to try this product for quite awhile, and was very lucky to be given the opportunity to share my thoughts on this product.Firstly before I get into detail about this product I wanted to quickly let you know about my own personal experience with BB creams, as I will be comparing this product to other BB creams on the market that I have tried.

I discovered BB cream around 6 months ago after watching a few international beauty gurus on Youtube rave about Blemish Balms (BB Cream). After hearing about all the benefits of using BB cream I quickly hit google and began looking at the different BB creams on the market. At the time BB creams were not readily available where I lived (New Zealand). So I did what I always do, Sourced a few BB creams from Overseas sellers on Ebay. I have personally raved about BB creams ever since and use Blemish Balms on a daily bases.

So now that you have been informed of my previous experiences with BB creams I will get started on my own personal review of Garnier's BB cream
Packaging: Garniers BB cream comes in a standard rectangular box, the design is nothing to rave about, The packaging is busy and unfeminin, however all the important information and health benefits have been listed on the front of the packaging which I though was a good idea as I like to know reasons into purchasing a product before I commit and spend mu money.

The product itself comes in a small squeezable tube, I loved how simple it was to get the product out of the tube, I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased a product and lost half of its content because of the packaging being ridiculous, especially when you start running out of product and cant get the last few drops. I hate having to spend time fighting to open difficult packaging and I hate waisting money (haha).

Overall I enjoyed the packaging to this product, simple and convenient. The product was easy to open, yet secure enough to not open by itself and dispence. I liked the fact the BB cream came in a tube, as I could see how much product I had left and am able to get all the product out of the tube without being wasteful. I think the only thing that let this products packaging down was the design work, I felt the design work was to busy and needed to be more feminine. 
Product: Garnier Blemish Balm have two options of shades, Light and/or medium. Being very fair skinned I have chosen to review Garniers BB cream in the shade #Light. Garniers BB cream gives a low to medium coverage and spreads really evenly, you only need a little to cover your whole face, a little is definitely a lot in this case, use sparingly. I loved the fact the this BB cream came in two shades, Light and medium as the majority of BB creams on the market only have one shade.I found this product to be really affordable for what it was, and you get quite a lot of product for your money, 

I have very sensitive skin at the best of times and therefore would not recommend this BB cream for people with oily to combination skin like myself as I found this BB cream to be a tad oily, however in saying that I reckon it would be perfect for anyone who suffers from dry irritated skin, as its really moisturizing.I love the fact this BB cream has SPF in it, I love products which promote being safe in sun and prevent sunburn, This product has some really great benefits and could be used as a light foundation for everyday use especially at work or school.
I really enjoyed testing out this product, Im pretty sure if it wasn't for my skin being so sensitive I would have really enjoyed this product. The things I loved about this product was the fact that a you only needed a little bit of product to cover your whole face, so this product would definitely last the test of time. A few things I wasn't so sold on was that the BB cream had a yellowness to it, I prefer to have products with a grey/pink undertone rather then yellow, but thats my personal opinion, I also wasn't to fussed on how oily it felt on my skin, then again it could be great in winter or summer time when you need that extra bit of moisturizer. I would love it if Garnier came up with a BB cream specially designed for Oily skin, I would definitely give that a try! 
I rate Garnier's Blemish Balm in #Light a 3/5

I rated this product a 3 out of 5 because although I found the product to be to oily for my own skin type, the product itself had a pleasant scent, the benefits were listed on the box and the product was packages in a tube meaning you didn't have to waste a single drop. Im no a big fan of the yellow undertone in this product, I would have preferred a pink to grey undertone. Another thing I didn't like about this product was the longitivtiy, the BB cream went on fine however it only lasted for about 3 hours or so on my face.
One thing I really liked about this product was the price, this BB cream is affordable, and you get a lot of product for your money. I reckon this BB cream would be amazing on dry to normal skin, especially in summer and winter months when you need that extra bit of moisturizer. I loved that this product contained SPF, i love supporting products and companies that use their initiative about protection against the elements.

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