Thursday, May 31, 2012

♡ Sleek Makeup Blush by 3: Review & Swatches ♡

Hey everyone,  I've been in serious need of a winter pick me up, its only the beginning of winter and I'm already missing summer, especially because our summer never really showed its face. Winter is one of my favourite seasons. I wanted to celebrate winter with some bright coloured blushes, I had been eyeing up Sleep Makeup's blushes on their website for awhile and decided it was time I treated myself. I ended up purchasing Sleek Makeup's  "Blush by 3" as it was the affordable option and  gave me three different blushes with a range of colours and textures from shimmer to matte.

This was my first time shopping at Sleek Makeup's website, shipping took approximately a week and a half to arrive, which surprised me as usually anything I buy from overseas takes at least 2 weeks to get to New Zealand. The product was packaged in a small box with lots of bubble wrap for protection. Im so happy with the service.
I am really impressed with the packaging and overall look of this product, the product is secure inside its hard plastic casing, which looks elegant and professional. I had a little bit of difficulty opening the palette at first which in some ways was a positive as it assured me it would be perfectly secure to travel with.
Something which really excited me about this palette was the fact it came with a inbuilt mirror. I'm pretty sure your going to guess what I'm going to say next... Value for money at only£10.00

I love the rich colours and pigmentation of all three of these blushes, All three blushes were very wearable and suitable for any occasion. 

In conclusion I have fallen head over heels for this product and am hoping to purchase a few more of the "Blush by 3" pallets on Sleek Makeup's website when I get a chance. I think a slight blush addiction is on it's way. Watch this space...
I rate Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 in #Lace 4/5 hearts.
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  1. Replies
    1. I'm absolutely in love with this palette! I wan't all of the blush by 3 palettes now hehe. :)

    2. Wow those colours look amazing!
      How much including shipping was it?
      Was the Blush palette on sale?

    3. @Missymandaful I love all three of the colours, I'm planning on buying more of the blush by 3 collections soon. The blush by 3 palette was $15.99 + a small amount for shipping, It arrived within a week or two of ordering!! Shipping was only $7 or something like that. Very cheap!! This was full price not on sale :)
      Here is the link:


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