Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spring Blossom Nail Tutorial

Hey everyone, I know for a lot of you lucky people its spring time, however in New Zealand its autumn,. and I'm already over being housebound because of the rain. Therefore I have created this cute spring blossom inspired nail tutorial that I think you will all love. Its super easy to achieve and only takes a few minutes!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

♡ Outfit of the day: Autumn/Spring Styling ♡

Hey everyone, Its heading into Winter in New Zealand, were on the last few days of autumn weather before the great freeze sets in,  I wanted to create a fun and cute look, which could work both in autumn and in spring for those of you lucky enough to be getting the warmer months.
The outfit I put together pairs animal print with textures, for example ruffle shoulders and glittery heels. Which is a truly girly, feminine look which you could easily dress up on down for any occasion. I hope you enjoy this pairing as much as I do!
Pairing neutral colours with neutral textures for example animal print is a neutral texture. Works really nicely together. You can do so much with neutral clothing, it really gives you a great canvas to mix and match with.
Adding a little bit of glitter gives the outfit texture and a bit of WOW factor, however you can always wear flats to simplify this look and possibly give it a more casual feel. 

Hope you all enjoyed this Autumn/Spring inspired style pairing. Any questions, suggestions or any other lovely messages please leave them below.

Creative Gesture xo

Monday, June 11, 2012

♡ Hand Candy Ring Haul: Hearts, Bows & Bits ♡

Hey everyone, about a month ago I did a little bit of shopping at Ebay, picking up some "Hand Candy" aka Rings!! I love fun jewelry pieces, I think they are a staple piece for any outfit weather it be winter, summer or any season really!. And Ebay have a great selection of jewelry  which is all really affordable, some of which even has free shipping. I am so excited to show you a mini haul of what I purchased. 

Heres some of the rings I purchased, my favourite ring is the little owl head, I am in love with animal themed jewelry especially owls. My new crazy addiction!

I purchased all of these rings for less than $2 NZD each, I am really impressed with the quality considering I did buy them off of ebay. 

Another one of my favourite rings, this little pink bow. There was the option of buying it in baby blue or black as well, Hard decisions. I ended up buying the little pink one. It looks really feminine and dainty. 
I love jewelry stacking, obviously I wouldn't stack all of these rings together, hmm come to think about it. Looks like I may have to get a few stackable rings in future.

I am so excited about my new hand candy (ring's). I cannot wait to start pairing them with outfits, I am inspired once again! For those of you who would be interested in purcashing these rings, the seller on ebay is called "Bigkeyboard". I hope you enjoyed my lastest blog post. More on the way!

Creative Gesture xo

Friday, June 8, 2012

♡ Boujoius Paris Bronzing Powder aka Chocolate Bronzer: Review & Swatches ♡

Hey everyone, recently I mourned the loss of my Elizabeth Arden Bronzer which I had not parted with for approximately three years! This left me at a complete loss, Should I repurchase or try something new? I had heard a few good things about Bourjois Bronzing Powder also know famously as "The Chocolate Bronzer". I decided rather then investing huge amounts of money into a repurchase of my past bronzer I would see what all the fuss was about and purchased "The Chocolate Bronzer".

I purchased "The Chocolate Bronzer" off of Asos, it was priced at around 15NZD if I can remember correctly. I have heard Asos sell out of this bronzer quite a lot so its definitely worth checkin back from time to time. 
After purchasing this bronzer I found out that they have just recently redesigned the packaging, So this is the old packaging design. The packaging itself is very hard and sturdy, perfect if you have to travel often.

Once opened, you will see a cute little message talking about the benefits of using "The Chocolate Bronzer". Such a sweet idea.
And here is the bronzer itself, Im very happy with the size of the palette, this shall last me for another 3 years (heres hoping) I must quickly mention how lovely "The Chocolate Bronzer" smells, and from  glance you would think it really is chocolate!
Quick swatch, I found this bronzer to be nicely pigmented, with a slight shimmer in the formular however once blended it gives a beautiful matte finish. I think I might be in love!

In conclusion, I have stopped grieving the loss of my old bronzer and have started a long term relationship with  Boujoius Paris Bronzing Powder!! Matte finish, Slight shimmer with an amazing scent, what not to love. Plus this bad boy is very pigmented. So a little goes a long way. Which means our love will last forever.

I rate Boujoius Paris Bronzing Powder 4/5 hearts.
xo Creative Gesture

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

♡ Mini NYX Haul: NYX Highlighter & Concealer ♡

Hey everyone,  I recently brought two products from which is where I buy all my NYX products, as I find its quite affordable and ships to New Zealand, Yay! Yesterday the package from Porkdaisy arrived in the mail and I was so excited I just had to do a blog post to show you all and as always I included swatches!

I had to show you the packaging as I'm really impressed with how well Porkdaisy packed my order.Heres my order, freshly unpacked for your eyes only!NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in #Highlighter This looks so gorgeous, I cannot wait to use this as a highlighter!

NYX Concealer Jar in #03 Light

Yay for full coverage concealers!

I hope you liked enjoyed this mini haul blog post as much as I did, If you want any of the products mentioned in this post reviewed or have any questions, leave a message below!

Creative Gesture x