Wednesday, June 13, 2012

♡ Outfit of the day: Autumn/Spring Styling ♡

Hey everyone, Its heading into Winter in New Zealand, were on the last few days of autumn weather before the great freeze sets in,  I wanted to create a fun and cute look, which could work both in autumn and in spring for those of you lucky enough to be getting the warmer months.
The outfit I put together pairs animal print with textures, for example ruffle shoulders and glittery heels. Which is a truly girly, feminine look which you could easily dress up on down for any occasion. I hope you enjoy this pairing as much as I do!
Pairing neutral colours with neutral textures for example animal print is a neutral texture. Works really nicely together. You can do so much with neutral clothing, it really gives you a great canvas to mix and match with.
Adding a little bit of glitter gives the outfit texture and a bit of WOW factor, however you can always wear flats to simplify this look and possibly give it a more casual feel. 

Hope you all enjoyed this Autumn/Spring inspired style pairing. Any questions, suggestions or any other lovely messages please leave them below.

Creative Gesture xo


  1. You look lovely, love the skirt. I love watching OOTD vidoes, as you can see how everything moves etc. x

    1. @Angelica Im hoping to do more fashion focused blog posts and include videos as well. I think it would work really nicely. :)


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