Tuesday, July 31, 2012

♡ New Bedding Haul: Abode, Maison D'or & Meneco teddys ♡

Hey everyone, I am truly excited to be writing about this, as I wasn't to sure weather or not I was actually going to do this.. aka money has been short (very short). But I did! So as you can probably tell by the title of this amazing and over excitable blog post.. I got new beddings! I wanted to make a short but sweet blog post to show you what I brought and how it all went together. I think I may get a few more statement pillows so if you know of any good websites or any pictures which i can get inspiration from, leave all your goodies in the comments section.

This is the new mattress and skirting still in its packaging, I purchased both the skirting and the mattress from Briscoes, both were on sale for 50-60% off the normal price. so all together it worked out to be around $60 NZD's. Which is incredibly cheap, gotta love a bargain!!I then purchased this gorgeous milk/coffee coloured throw which I thought really complimented the colours of my new mattress. Lucky for me this was also on sale down from around 30 dollars to only $19 NZD from The Warehouse
I purchased two of these circle dotted light brown pillows about 9 years ago from a home ware store, which has since closed down. I love these pillows to bits. They go so well with the neutral coloured mattress! Time to meet my family.. my teddy family that is! I used to have around 100 different teddies, sadly as I am now a grown up and apparently not a kid anymore I had to let a few of my good friends go to better homes,  so these are a few of my most loved little buddies.Here is the mattress paired the the throw, I love the colours together and think the textures look dreamy and very feminineAnd here is the final look of my new bedding all put together, I am still considering adding more pillows because I truly believe you can never have enough pillows (Giggles) Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions or ideas PS Look at my new curtains :P!!!
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Friday, July 27, 2012

OOTD Ft Galaxy Leggings, Ruffle shoulders & Wedges

Hey everyone, I have recently fallen in love with the latest trend of 2012.. jeggings and leggings! Hmm.. come to think about it, you could almost say I am slightly addicted to this trend, I love this trend for many reasons, how practical and comfy they are, that you can dress them up or down to suit whatever you may be doing/going to. There are just so many reasons to love. In this blog post I am going to show you how I pair my galaxy leggings for a casual yet girly look which you could wear anywhere! However in saying this you could easily add a blazer to this look to create a sophisticated and more dressed up look perfect for going out.
I have paired these amazing and bold galaxy leggings with these dusty black coloured lace up wedges which have plenty of character. I love the detailing on the ankle of these boots, I think it gives this outfit a futuristic and edgy feeling however not being to bold.For this look I kept my hair down and did not straighten, keeping my natural wavy textured hair.  I feel this worked really nicely paired with such a bold outfit and it made the outfit a little softer to the eye. I wanted to add a pop of pink to this look aka my pink lipstick in #Strawberry Milk by NYX to add a feminine touch, I also wore I cute Hello Kitty inspired bow necklace to soften the look as well.
I repeated the galaxy styled look onto my nails which really added a statement, I wore my vintage owl face ring which I purchased from Ebay also to create a nightly feeling plus who doesn't love animal jewelry and statement rings!
Last but not least to soften the look a little bit more, and add a casual but girly touch, I added a selection of turquoise and Dark bead bracelets which also gave the outfit a pop of colour and contrasted nicely against the black ruffle shouldered top. 

Did you like the galaxy nails featured in this blog post? Click below to learn how to recreate this cute and simple look.. in only 3 steps!!!
I hope you liked this outfit, let me know in the comments below what you thought and if you want to see more OOTD blog posts in future, Also leave any requests below.
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wish list: Clothing & Accessories ft GoJane, Lipstik & Hannahs Shoes

Hey everyone, as my blog is inspired partly by the big wide world of fashion I wanted to show you all a little glimpse of my fashion wish list. Most of the items in my wish list are from online stores which ship internationally from stores such as GoJane, and Lipstik Shoes only a few of my all time favorite online stores. 

I recently discovered a online fashion shop called GoJane, I  did my first shop at GoJane the other day, purchasing the white dress you can see in the picture, however I purchased it in black. I am now eyeing the other dresses in this picture. Go Jane gets new stock in every week which is amazing but also a disaster for my bank. My current obsession is bright/fun colours, glitter and spikes and interesting patterns & cutouts! 

A few other fashion retailers who stock was featured in this blog post include: GlamYardHannahs ShoesEbayGuess Handbags and  Colette

Have a question, request or a suggestion? Leave it below.
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