Tuesday, July 31, 2012

♡ New Bedding Haul: Abode, Maison D'or & Meneco teddys ♡

Hey everyone, I am truly excited to be writing about this, as I wasn't to sure weather or not I was actually going to do this.. aka money has been short (very short). But I did! So as you can probably tell by the title of this amazing and over excitable blog post.. I got new beddings! I wanted to make a short but sweet blog post to show you what I brought and how it all went together. I think I may get a few more statement pillows so if you know of any good websites or any pictures which i can get inspiration from, leave all your goodies in the comments section.

This is the new mattress and skirting still in its packaging, I purchased both the skirting and the mattress from Briscoes, both were on sale for 50-60% off the normal price. so all together it worked out to be around $60 NZD's. Which is incredibly cheap, gotta love a bargain!!I then purchased this gorgeous milk/coffee coloured throw which I thought really complimented the colours of my new mattress. Lucky for me this was also on sale down from around 30 dollars to only $19 NZD from The Warehouse
I purchased two of these circle dotted light brown pillows about 9 years ago from a home ware store, which has since closed down. I love these pillows to bits. They go so well with the neutral coloured mattress! Time to meet my family.. my teddy family that is! I used to have around 100 different teddies, sadly as I am now a grown up and apparently not a kid anymore I had to let a few of my good friends go to better homes,  so these are a few of my most loved little buddies.Here is the mattress paired the the throw, I love the colours together and think the textures look dreamy and very feminineAnd here is the final look of my new bedding all put together, I am still considering adding more pillows because I truly believe you can never have enough pillows (Giggles) Let me know what you think, if you have any suggestions or ideas PS Look at my new curtains :P!!!
Creative Gesture xo

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  1. I love buying new bedding, your new bedding looks lovely. x


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