Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wish list: Clothing & Accessories ft GoJane, Lipstik & Hannahs Shoes

Hey everyone, as my blog is inspired partly by the big wide world of fashion I wanted to show you all a little glimpse of my fashion wish list. Most of the items in my wish list are from online stores which ship internationally from stores such as GoJane, and Lipstik Shoes only a few of my all time favorite online stores. 

I recently discovered a online fashion shop called GoJane, I  did my first shop at GoJane the other day, purchasing the white dress you can see in the picture, however I purchased it in black. I am now eyeing the other dresses in this picture. Go Jane gets new stock in every week which is amazing but also a disaster for my bank. My current obsession is bright/fun colours, glitter and spikes and interesting patterns & cutouts! 

A few other fashion retailers who stock was featured in this blog post include: GlamYardHannahs ShoesEbayGuess Handbags and  Colette

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  1. I love the studded bracelets!:)

    1. @Ira Kharchenko Me too! I love all these edgy fashion pieces coming into trend at the moment


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