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Limited Edition Sleek Makeup 2012 Collection: Review & Swatches | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, I must apologize in advanced, this blog post is going to be a bit bigger then most of my usual posts, thats because I am for the first time ever doing a blog review which will include swatches and pictures of all the products in the Sleek Makeup 2012 Limited Edition Collection, this includes the I-Divine Eyeshadow Pallete in Glory, the Pout Polish, Pride.. and last but not least the Blush called Honor!The Sleek 2012 Collection was only released late last month, I fell in love with the collection straight away, as soon as I saw it on Sleeks website. This was the first time I had purchased a whole collection and was surprised at how reasonable the price was. I am going to get straight into showing you the pictures and swatches to this amazing collection, All the pictures have been taken with no flash and only natural light so you get to see the true colours for what they are!The packaging for the whole collection is simply amazing, as you can tell the theme for the whole collection was all about the London 2012 Olympic Games i.e the medals, Lion and statues. I was really impressed with the packaging design overall.
Once opened, the collections is very much the typical Sleek packaging you would usually find when you purchase a Sleek product, the only difference was the "2012 Collection" type (Bottom right) I was impressed with how profesional these palettes look, however sometimes a little tricky to open therefore very secure! 
And here is the Sleek 2012 Collection once opened fully, I loved the mix of bright and neutral colours. The whole collection looks stunning together. I cannot wait to have a play with all these products. The blush and Pout Polish actually have a slight shimmer to them and are slightly darker, which sadly my camera did not pick up.
This is the Eyeshadow Pallete in the 2012 Collection, called Glory. The palette is about 5.5 x 3' inches (14 cm x 7.5cm) and contains 12 individual eyeshadows with a good mixture of matte and shimmer, bright and neutral eyeshadows. 
Here is a picture of all twelve of the eyeshadows, as you can see the palette comes with 6 Neutrals and 6 Coloured eyeshadows which is a really nice balance. The palette also comes with a applicator brush, however I tend to avoid using these brushes and stick with my own eye shadow brushes.
The pigmentation of each individual eyeshadow is incredible. The neutral colours have more shimmer in them then the coloured pigments, but overall the colours really compliment one another and they blended very nicely.
This is the Blush Pallete in the 2012 Collection, called Honour. The palette is about 2.7 x 2' inches (7 cm x 2cm) and contains 1 individual blush which has warm brown/pink undertones and a slight shimmer to it.
The Palette itself is the perfect travel size and has a great catch on it which is slightly dificult to open at first but loosens up with use. One thing I like about Sleek Palettes is that they usually all come with a small compact mirror. 
The blush has great pigmentation just like the eyeshadow kit, and is very easy to blend. I suggest using this blush sparingly as it is highly pigmented. One thing I have noticed about this "Blush" is that it is almost o dark to be a blush, but rather could work nicely as a contour. I guess this all just depends on your skin tone. Unfortunately for me this blush would be way to dark.. contour it is! 
This is the Pout Polish in the 2012 Collection, called Pride. The palette is about 2.1 x 2.1inches (5.1 cm x 5.1cm) and contains 1 individual blush which has warm brown/pink undertones and a slight shimmer to it.
This picture shows the actual colour of the Pout Polish, It has a really creamy, moisture rich texture to it which is great for people like me who have quite dry lips at the best of times. It also has a slight shimmer to it and smells like chocolate! YUM.
And here is the swatch for the Pout Polish Pride, as you can see the pout polish has a sligh shimmer to it and has a warm peachy brown tone, One applied on your lips it looks more sheer and less brown and looks more peachy. It is a beautiful colour and would suit any skin tone. Overall im really pleased with this product.

In conclusion, this collection is value for money, I loved the fact that all of the products related to the Olympics in some way, whether if be the colours ie bronze, silver in gold or shimmer. All of the products in this collection were highly pigmented and perfect for any occasion whether it be casual day to day or a night out.I still can not get over how brightly coloured the pigments of the I-divine palette were! Another thing I am loving about this eyeshadow palette is how great these eyeshadows are to blend.
One thing I was a little disappointed about was the blush, to me it should have been a bronzer rather then a blush as it was just to brown and dark for me. however maybe someone with a darker complexion could grow to love this palette so I guess it really is each to your own.
Now in regards to if this collection was sensitive/combination skin friendly I would say yes! I have had no problems with them products. I also love the fact that Sleek is still animal testing free! GO SLEEK.

Over all I believe that Sleek Makeups 2012 Collection is a true winner, and would be happy to buy this collection again

Click here for my latest haul video, and for more information on the 2012 Sleek Collection
Creative Gesture x

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

♡ Sigma Eyes Kit: Haul, Review & Guide ♡

Hey everyone, before you read this post I must warn you, The following content is an excitement overload, please read with cautions and of course as usual I have included lots of amazing high quality pictures for you all to marvel over. You have probably already peeked at the image below but if not this blog post is a haul, review and small guide on my latest amazing purchase, The Sigma Eyes Kit!

Here it is, freshly unpacked, The Eyes Kit values at $52 USD which sounds rather pricey, but you get 7 professional quality brushes for that price not to mention a free gift for spending $30+, the famous Sigma Freebee bending brush (I now have 2!) So I feel the price is justified. Back of the cute pink packaging with a list of all the brushes included in this kit and a little description. I am rocking pink, pokadot & glitter nails!!

I'm going to keep this guide handy considering I'm a bit of a brush noive currently, are makeup brushes like clothing, can you mix and match them?  Current favorite brush from this kit is the E55, Eye Shading brush!
My new babies, I must find them a home or possibly consider doing a DIY Makeup brush holder soon.. watch this space. I love how Sigma packs their orders! #Respect
Here are my new babies freshly unwrapped for your eyes only, they worked the camera pretty well I thought, I am so excited, I haven't even had time to play with them yet as I promised I would get this blog post sorted before I covered them in makeup.
Review: (Here's the brief review of what I thought of Sigma's Eye Kit)I found Sigma's Eye's Kit to be an amazingly prices makeup brush kit valued at $52 (USD) Within this kit you get 7 profesional quality makeup brushes and you also receive a free gift (Small/Travel Sized complementary blending brush) for spending over $30 (USD) on Sigma products. So all together I would say this kit is definitely "Value for money".
The brushes were incredibly dense and able to pick up eyeshadow pigments with ease, as well as blend, apply and shade very well. The booklet guide gives you a informative glance into the many ways you can use each individual brush, I found the guide very informative and will refer to it when using this kit in future.
The packaging as always with Sigma products was very secure yet professional and feminine, I have noticed recently that Sigma has a thing for pink so not surprised here (hehe). The only negative thing I could possibly  say (however not really negative) was a few of the brushes seemed rather gigantic compared to my eyes. However in saying this, this point may also be a positive. It depends how you use it.  

I rate
 Sigma Eye's Kit
 4/5 hearts.

xo Creative Gesture

Friday, August 3, 2012

Animal Print French Tip Nails: Tutorial and Pictures

Hey Everyone, Im starting to really get into adding cute and edgy nail art, to jazz up an outfit, I have never really liked my nails, one of the reasons being is that I find my nails are slightly creamy coloured which is never the best look. One of my favourite trends at the moment is animal print, I think its super cute and wearable for any occasion, so I was inspired to create a nail design to go with this trend. I wanted to do a blog post/tutorial on how to get this look, so enjoy! 
Step One: Using clear tape, apply tape to your nails leaving the tips of your nails exposed/uncovered.Step Two: Apply a "Candy" pink colour to the tips of your nails, this will be the base colour of you nail design. Step Three: Using a small nail art brush, paint lines onto the tips of your nails, A tip for doing this is to be messy, your nail design will look more wild that way. Step Four: Remove the clear tape from your nails to reveal your finished nail design. Note: the polish must be dry before removal! 

Step Five: Go and show off your new Animal Print French Tip Nails with your friends and family!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post
Creative Gesture xo