Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sample Bar Launch- Discovery - Box 1 - Monthly Beauty Box Subscription | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, I'm pretty sure most of you have heard about monthly subscription beauty box services before, as it has been trending all over the world wide web for almost a year now, sadly New Zealand has never been blessed with the opportunity of subscribing to one of these subscription services until just this month!Samplebar is a monthly beauty box subscription which has just launched in New Zealand (Woohoo!) They offer a monthly beauty box subscription valued at only $25 New Zealand dollars, so of course I had to sign up to see what all the fuss was about!

I was lucky enough to get onto the wait list, which had limited spots and seemed to be selling out relatively fast, it only took a few weeks till my first Samplebar box arrived and boy was I glad I signed up.
..The first Samplebox contained some amazing products, some of which have a cult followings for being so amazing.  So I better share the secret and tell you what the contents of the first Samplebox were: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, ModelCo Turbo Lashwand, Facial Fresh - Cloth facial treatment mask, Móa The Green Balm, EVO the great hydrator hair mask and last but not least Wine Wipes. As I said earlier, some amazing products have been included in this months Samplebar box, which gives me high expectations of what next months SampleBar  box will contain! 
When buying my SampleBar box on their website I noticed they have a online shop in construction where you can buy the full sizes products which were included in their boxes, I think this is a great idea and better yet they have a points system already in place if you refer or buy products from them. Thats definitely going to make things cheaper in the long run! #OverTheMoon

Monday, October 15, 2012

My favourite online fashion/clothing stores | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in awhile and wanted to start off with a blog post which has been requested quite a lot. I love these type of blog posts because its a great way of discovering amazing fashion boutiques that you may have not heard or visited before.

Asos - Clothing, Shoes, Accessories & Beauty + Free shipping worldwide!
Boohoo - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories + Free Shipping to New Zealand
Glassons - Online & Instore - Free shipping to NZ/AU
Supre - Online & Instore - Amazing Sales Category!
Tobi  - Clothing, Shoes, Accessories & Beauty - 50% off for new customers + 30% off new arrivals.
Glamyard - Instore (CHCH) & Online - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - Amazing range of dresses
Nastygirl - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - On trend, Amazing Sales Category! Great prices.
GoJane - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - On trend, fast shipping, great range + Affordable.
Romwe - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - Worldwide Shipping, On trend and very affordable!
Prevailing Taste - Clothing, Shoes, Accessories & Cosmetics - Big range
Paganmarienz - Clothing & Accessories - Cute dresses and good prices.
Revolve Clothing - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - Great sales category + $10 Flat shipping rate!
Lipstik Shoes - Shoes - Free shipping - Amazing range of heels, flats and shoes + On trend & cute!

- Amazing Online source of all things fashion worldwide.

Trademe- It's like op shoppig but online, lots of bargains and cheap prices!
PLNDR - Women and Men Clothing and Accessories!
Lucy In The Sky
Sabo Skirt
Miss Guided

I love online shopping for the fact that its private and relaxing, plus you can browse multiple stores in a matter of minutes with no disturbance or pressure from sales people..! Over the years I have learned a few tips and tricks to shopping for clothing online, so I wanted to share these with you!!
#1. Always google coupon codes as you never know.. you may get some extra bang for your buck. 

#2. Always check the "sales" category, not only will the prices be lower, but you may find something unique in limited quantities, Not only will you be saving money but you will have the best most unique wardrobe.

#3. Paypal! This is such a great way to pay securely online, rather then handing out your credit details everywhere you shop, choose to shop safe and use Paypal to pay.

#4. Read reviews, lots of sites offer customers the opportunity to review their purchases, read these to avoid disappointment. Also leave reviews, help others help you, help your fellow fashionista!

#5. I learnt this one from shopping on Ebay.. make sure to message the seller if you have not received your purchase within 3-4 weeks... remember to mention the "consumer guarantees act" if they play difficult! Another tip when shopping via Ebay is to check the the seller has a good street credit ie Good feedback.

#6. Most sites list their products in USD, What I usually do when this happens is use this website to figure out how much it will cost me in my currency (NZD) Its called CoinMill!

I will continue to add to this blog post when I discover new things, I hope this has helped you discover some amazing sites and maybe learn a few tricks to online shopping along the way :) !