Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DB Designer Brands Cosmetics 48 Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, I have another blog post full of colour and shimmer to show you, this time its about the DB Designer Brands 48 Eyeshadow Palette,  This Palette was a bonus product when you purchased the Cleo New Zealand Magazine a few months ago and I have very excited to share this post with you all, Sorry its a bit late, have had a lot going on recently.The Palette comes in a shinny and hard plastic casing to protect your products from impact damage, I loved the way this palette was presented and I love palettes even more when they come with a mirror included within the packaging. A+! 
The Palette comes with a mix of warm and cool colours and also come natural shades, all shimmery in texture and finish. I personally would not purchase a palette which features only shimmer based eye shadows as I find they dont always last as long as matte finish eyeshadows plus they give the illusion of a oily wet finish. However I think adding a touch of shimmer to the middle of the lid looks absolutely amazing and definitely adds dimension... try this trick for a more fuller lid. Loving the warm gold colours, these will be perfect for a finishing touch to a festive occasion makeup look. As you can see the palette also comes with two sponge applicator blushes, I personally dont like using these brushes and tend to go towards my sigma brushes for application of shimmer eyeshadow as they tend to pick up more and have a more precise application. 
Just a close up of all the pretty colours, I love the gunmetal silvers they look so bad ass! Haha. Whats your fave? I ended up not swatching all of the colours as quite a lot of them looked relatively similar, so I decided to show you three of my favourite colours from this pallete and their beautiful finish! For some reason when I see shimmer eyeshadow it reminds me of fairies and magic,  I've been using this pallete a lot to add finishing touches to my eyeshadow look.

In conclusion as stated before I would not buy a fully shimmer eyeshadow pallete as I personally think there is less you can do with shimmer and would rather stick to matte shadows. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows was a 7/10 (10 being the highest in pigmentation) and I did love the colours but found the majority of them to be very similar to eachother,

I would rate this palette a 5/10, I'm staying on the fence for this one.. I didn't love it not hate it.

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