Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Video: Vlog - Italian Pizza, Girl Gamer, Seagulls etc | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, I didn't get time to put a blog post up for my latest video as I am flying out to Wellington in about 2 hours and haven't finished packing my bags yet #FreakingOut. But once I land I promise to take many MANY photos and VLOG along the way! So in the meantime here is a VLOG I put together of a few bits and pieces. Enjoy! 


Monday, August 26, 2013

Photo Diary: Urban Chill | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, this weekend has been wet and wild to say the least, not nice enough to chill by the beach but perfect for a wee explore around the city! My last photo diary was very well received so I will continue this series as I love this style of blog post, it's a great way of seeing different parts of the world. I visited the beautiful Cathedral upon the hill which bell rings out over the city everyday, growing up in this city the cathedral has been an icon, from the main street you can see it standing tall watching over the city. I love the art of the windows and the style of the architecture.. not to mention the beautiful staircase to the sky! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Limited Edition Sleek Makeup Candy Collection: Review & Swatches | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, about a month ago I received the Limited Edition Sleek Makeup Candy Collection in the mail after ordering it from their online store. This collection is so me! It's super girly with lots of pinks and bright neon coloured pigments and as usual everything in the collection is to die for! I am SO excited about this collection so have put together a blog post with high definition photos and of course swatches!
Here is the Limited Edition Sleek Makeup Candy Collection all un-boxed, it looks so gorgeous together, the colours and packaging are incredible . I cannot wait to try all of the eyeshadow pigments out, its nice to see a good variety of cream, shimmer and matte finish products in this collection. If you ask me its a pretty cute collection!I have already fallen in love with Sleeks blush by 3 in the past, I have their Lace blush by 3 and consider it a holy grail and my go to selection of blushes. The candy collection blush by three is called "Sweet Cheeks" and contains three pretty pink shades, from left: Candy Floss (Creme) , Dolly Mix (Powder) and lastly Cupcake (Powder). All names I feel are perfectly in fitting with the theme of this collection.I love Sleeks eye shadows, they are always so brightly pigmented so as usual the I-Divine Candy Collection Eyeshadow palette nicknamed i-Candy was no disappointment what so ever! The colours are absolutely gorgeous I'm loving the pastel pinks and cool fresh blues, the pigments look gorgeous in the palette and I bet they will look even better on! 
I tried my best to swatch all of the eye shadows as best as I could, so here goes! (From left to right) 
Top : Strawberry Sherbet (Matte), Bon Bon (Shimmer), Parma Violet (Matte), Apple Sour (Shimmer) , Pear Drop (Shimmer) Flump (Matte).
Bottom: Liquorice (Matte), Blue Fizzle (Matte), Aniseed (Shimmer), Bubble Gum (Matte), Mint Cream (Matte), Cream Soda (Shimmer)

This is my first ever Sleek Pout Paint, I have heard people rave about how long lasting and pigmented these pout paints are so was very excited to see a pout paint included in the Candy Collection! I simply love the colour of this product as well, so bright and bold great to make a statement with, I cannot wait to try this colour on! 
 Swatch of Sleeks Limited Edition Candy Collection Pout Paint in Lol-Lip-Pop
Overall I am thrilled with how amazing the Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Candy collection is, I couldn't be happier, as usual the quality of Sleek Makeups products are incredible and I am yet to be disappointed! The collection itself was perfectly in theme, all of the products reminded me of candy with their bright and bold tones and colours, it was nice to see a variety of different finishes to the products. I love this collection and hope that Sleek continue to surprise me!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Like List: 5 Facebook Pages Worth Liking | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, like most of you a big part of my life is online, I shop online, I socialize online and game online! Ive always been more of an online gal rather then watching the television therefore over the years have discovered some pretty cool sites and pages. Most of you will have a Facebook account like myself. I spend WAY to much time on there doing absolutely nothing, honestly I have no clue how I spend so much time on Facebook!! Anyways during my time so far on Facebook I have discovered some pretty cool pages that I think are worth a like, these pages are quirky and entertaining, so I wanted to share a few of my favourite pages with you. Here are my top 5 Facebook pages of the moment. Oh! And If I have missed any good pages please.. link me below!
My first Facebook page worth liking is based of the classic Where's Wally? books, I used to love these books when I was younger! This page is great for passing time, they post a new Where's Wally challenge every day, some harder then others.. can you find Wally below? (It took me only a minute)
I love art.. BUT not all art appeals to me.. however while at Design School I came across this amazing artist know by the name C215 and ever since then I have forever been inspired. This lead me to find and like the C215 Facebook page and I'm glad I did! They post amazing art pieces on a weekly basic, there art is like nothing I have ever seen before, so unique yet bold. Definitely worth a look at! 
When I first discovered Magical Wonderlands Facebook page I was unaware that they sold clothing, the reason I liked this page was their amazing look books, funny and witty quotes and memes and beautiful pictures which they post often. Since then I have been inspired by their beautifully crafted bodices which are honestly perfection if that was a thing! I would definitely recommend liking this page for some fashion inspiration! #LoveIt 
When I was only 10 years old my mother took me to the World of Wearable Art show in Nelson, since then it has moved to Wellington as it has grown into quite an icon in  the fashion and art scene worldwide. I can still remember the feeling I had going to the show feeling absolutely inspired and wow'ed by the creativity. I have never seen anything else quite like it. Their Facebook page shows snippets of creations that I'll be featured in their show and also artsy pieces. I love this Facebook page, I am actually going to the WOW show in Wellington this year for my 21st birthday! 
Last but not least I have been loving Steven Khalils beautiful wedding dress designs, they are angelic! I know I am far away from having my own wedding but a girl can dream of the perfect wedding dress cant she? I have always loved pretty things and love this page, hey maybe one day if I'm really lucky my dream could be a reality but in the meantime I don't mind some of Stevens amazing works to pop up on my timeline for me to dream about #Tragic 
.. and thats it, my top 5 Facebook pages I think are worth liking. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, I really enjoyed putting it all together although it was tough choosing only 5! Feel free to post your fave Facebook pages below in the comments section! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photo Diary: Winters Retreat | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, We made a trip to the shore this weekend to watch the sunset as the winter sun was absolutely breathtaking. It almost felt like the begging of summer however still a wee bit to cold to put on the flip flops and bikini and hit the beach for a swim. As we were going out for Thai food later that evening I decided to dress semi casual/dressy pairing my favourite lace up wedges with my gold detailed jeggings and animal print slouch top.Also to tie the outfit together I added a touch of gold to the upper half of my outfit pairing my new gold necklace to match the detailing of the jeggings. Perfecto and WARM! I had such an awesome day hanging out with my boyfriend at the beach and meeting up with friends for a great night out. 
Hope you enjoyed this blog post, I think i will plan on doing more of these photo diaries in future and I really enjoy sharing a wee bit of my life with you plus I loved getting out and taking photos. So much fun!

Bye for now

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fashion Inspiration - Casual Chic - Maxis, Crop Tops & Wedges | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, I have really been loving all of these new trends showing up left right and centre at the moment and decided I would dedicate a small blog post to a few of the cute and casual chic styles I have been loving on the internet recently. I actually just purchased my first maxi skirt and dress the other day, being 5ft 1 I am a little nervous to see what it looks like on... fingers crossed I don't look like a midget in a sheet. (Haha)
Fashion Finds Direct Links Listed Below 
Ombre Maxi Dress : Tobi
Cut Out Crop Top: Tobi
Crochet Wedges: Hannahs
Belted Lace Maxi Skirt: Boohoo
Denim Jacket: Asos
Pink Jacket: Tobi

Similar Styes I love! (All Linkable)

I think Maxis and crop tops look so gorgeous together paired with wedges and a denim jacket cover up. Perfect for a day at the beach or shopping! I am already planning my outfits for summer even though we have just stepped into winter over here in New Zealand. Oh well layering is super easy with all of these styles as well.
See you in my next blog post

CreativeGesture xo

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sorbet Cosmetics - Solid Shampoo Bars Sorbet Sampler - Mini Haul & Review | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, I am finally back into the swing of blogging on the regular, however I seem to have developed a pretty bad addiction for Sorbet Cosmetics Solid Shampoo Bars, I really just cant get enough of it!! Slowly but surely I am converting my whole family to from liquid to solid shampoo and I have also heard from a few of my lovely subscribers that I have started to convert them also. #Woops! I wanted to do a small blog post of Sorbets Sampler Box of Solid Shampoos before I send this wee bad boy away to a relative, just to show you all what the sampler looks like and my first impressions on the product. 
As I stated in my last blog I am in love with Sorbet Solid Shampoos, I never use liquid shampoo anymore, I have truly been converted.. its my holy grail! I love the getting gifts and therefore I also love giving gifts, especially when its something that I would love to be given. Before buying the Heali Kiwi balm I was going to buy the Sorbet sampler for myself, I think its such a great idea of deciding on which Sorbet Solid to purchase, plus it gives you a feel for the product before committing. You get five sample sizes Sorbet Solids in each Sorbet Sampler box which retails at $25 NZD each. Every Sorbet Sampler box contains a a selection of random Sorbet Solid Shampoos, this box contained some of the more popular bars including St Clements, Frizz Wrangler and also some I am less familiar with like Sweet and Sexy. I am regretting not buying myself a box of samplers now, they look so cute! 
Lastly I wanted to briefly show you the size of the box in comparison to the size of my hand just so you can get some idea of the sorbet sampler in size before I wrap it all up and send it away. I was actually quite surprised, I didn't expect it to be this large for some reason (not that thats a bad thing!) This blog post was only meant to be short as I have already blogged about Sorbet recently but I think the Sorbet samplers are the perfect way of getting to know weather or not solid shampoo is for you, it also in my case makes a great wee present! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I have a video coming soon on my youtube channel CreativeGesture with everything you need to know on Sorbet Solid Shampoos including how to use and store them, so watch this space. Thats it for now, leave a comment below if you have any questions you would like answers.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Sorbet Cosmetics - Solid Shampoo Bars in Heali Kiwi- Mini Haul & Review | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, long time no post, I am very sorry for letting you all down on the whole blogging front but finally I have a new blog post up about a product which I think you will love, just as much as I have been! I recently was given the exciting opportunity to try Sorbet solid shampoos out in one of the more recent Sample Bar Glam Packs.. at first I was skeptical to be truthful but after trialling the sample sized version out I was sold.. I am never going to use another liquid shampoo again!!
After trialling the sample size of Sorbets solid shampoo bar for over a month I decided to purchase a full sized bar, initially I was planning on only buying one bar but I actually ended up purchasing three of the Heali Kiwi bars, each bar retails at $22 each, which at the time seems a lot in comparison with liquid shampoos but solid shampoos last six times longer then bottled liquid shampoos, so really.. you do the math!
The reason as to why I ended up purchasing three of the Sorbet solid shampoos was...I had already got my mum hooked on the product after letting her trial a bit of the sample sized solid shampoo so one of the bars was for her, the other was for my aunty who has been back and forth to the doctor recently with irritated scalp.. I have a feeling this will work miracles for her as it did for me! , and the other reason to my sorbet obsession was that before using sorbet shampoos I had always had itchy and flaky scalp, however after using the trial my scalp was no longer itchy and my hair felt a hundred times softer plus I love the fact that these bars boast being eco friendly, Containing absolutely no preservatives which is so rare, I have always been grossed out at the amount of chemicals we pour and lather onto our scalp, it scares me! 

If your like me and you LOVE fruity smelling products then you will absolutely adore the smell of the Heali Kiwi. It smells absolutely amazing, a real mix of kiwifruit and coconut, so good you could almost eat it (However not recommended). This bar left my hair feeling amazing but also smelling just as good!

As for the packaging I was interested to discover that everything about this product was biodegradable, which was really cool! The packaging of all the Sorbet Shampoo Bars are water soluble, meaning that when exposed to water they will dissolve. Im not a crazy "greeny" or anything like that but feel better knowing that I am not damaging the planet as much as I used to with all of the shampoo bottles I would go through in a year!Also for all of you wondering what the Heali Kiwi solid shampoo bar looks like, heres is a picture I snapped of it just for you! It is a "yellowy orange" colour with "blacky/brown" flecks throughout. It is also a lot larger then I expected it to be, especially in comparison with the sample size I had received  so I was pretty happy with my purchase. The bar itself  weighs 95.00 Grams, so I reckon this will last we quite awhile! 

Thank you for reading this blog post, let me know if you have tried using a solid shampoo before and your thoughts on it.. would love to know!

CreativeGesture xo

Friday, May 24, 2013

Samplebar - Limited Edition- Box 7 - March - Monthly Beauty Box Subscription | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, I was really surprised to have received this months Samplebar Glam Pack so early, however I am VERY excited for this months Glam Pack as pictures have already leaked on facebook of what is inside this months box.. I'm deffinitly liking what I I'm seeing! Sadly I have been so busy that I didn't get time to publish this blog post early into the month so I really hope you enjoy this blog post, even if its a wee bit late. 

Oooh!!!! Need I say more, this box is amazing!

Here are all the amazing goodies in my Glam Pack! I am so excited, this has one of the best Sample Bar Glam Packs I have ever received, very exciting to see a few big beauty brands in this box, especially excited to see Viva La Juicy!!! I have wanted to try this perfume for so SO long!! Also excited to try out Clinique for the first time ever!!

Also in this months Sample bar glam back I recieved a Clinque eyeshadow quad, this is my first ever Clinique product so Im super excited to try this brand out and see if I like it, I have heard plenty of amazing things about their products so I have pretty high expectations, good luck Clinique!  

Im overwhelmed with how pigmented these eyeshadows are!! I really loved the colours as well especially the taupe colour, I can tell I'm going to use this colour a lot as its such a versatile colour, Another thing I love about this small eyeshadow quad was the design of it, I love how compact it is, pocked sized! Lately I have been loving travel sized products. 

Another brand I have yet to try is Lancome, however I have been quite sneeky and already managed to try this product out on a few occasions, it is safe to say I have found my new "Go To" Mascara for the time being.. this product is AMAZING!!! This mascara knows how to define and lenghen your eyelashes and thedeap 

Also in my limited edition glam pack was this product from Elizabeth Arden, called Prevage. I have tried a few products from Elizabeth Arden in the past and loved their bronzer but have never tried any of their skincare products, 
I was really surprised to see such a bright coloured cream come out of this product for some reason, I was expecting it to be the everyday white coloured creams you usually get for skincare products. I loved the smell of this product however I can quite figure out what it smells like... fruity? 
Shiseido... I have heard of this brand so many times but have never tried any of their products, I am really excited to see a pore correcting product in my glam pack as I have always suffered with having larger pores as I have oily skin so fingers crossed this works!

Well this concludes my blog post on the Limited Edition Sample Bar Glam Pack, I really hope you liked it, I am really impressed with this months box, I hope that Sample Bar continues impressing me..! Very happy!
Did you get the limited edition Glam Pack? What did you think of it??

See you in my next blog post