Thursday, January 17, 2013

BH Cosmetics Black Friday Haul: Fan Brush, Matte and Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes - Review & Swatches | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, I have been so busy organizing new content for my channel this past few weeks I havent had time to put up a new blog post.. unti now! Black Friday has come and gone for another year, and I managed to full my shopping cart up with a few goodies. BH Cosmetics were having a really good sale for Black Friday, and I had heard some amazing things about their eyeshadow palettes being highly pigmented and value for money so of course I picked up a few for myself!
So I'm going to get straight into showing you some of the amazing finds I sound in BH cosmetics Black Friday Sale, the first thing I grabbed was something I have been wanting to get for quite awhile, I think its a must have for applying highlighters and since using it a few times I will not go without it.. Its a fan brush!! I think it has to be one of the weirdest looking brushes in the world but since using it I have fallen in love with its weirdness!This brush is really dense/thick and yet super soft, it has been a great tool for applying my NYX mosaic highlighting power, it applies it just perfectly. A great new addition to my makeup brush collection. 
Another thing which caught my eye in the BH Cosmetics Black Friday sale was their amazingly discounted eyeshadow palettes!!! I managed to grab two of the 88 color palettes which are absolutely HUGE!! I really don't know what I was expecting but am so glad to have grabbed them as it has given me so many more options for eyeshadow looks and have already started playing with them a wee bit!
I decided to get a neutral natural eyeshadow palette and a more colorful palette as I thought that would give me the best of both worlds. So I got the 88 Color palette in neutral and matte (Which is the more colorful palette) This is the neutral 88 color eyeshadow palette, as you can see this palette has a great range of warm and cool neutral colours perfect for any look including the very popular smokey eye.. one of my all time favorite looks!  Im loving the warm browns and matte eyeshadows.Since forever I have wanted a giant colorful palette of eyeshadow... my wishes finally came true with this purchase. I am so amazed with the variety of colors and again just how pigmented they are. EEK I am so excited to play with these .. create a rainbow or something magical! :)
I wanted to show you all of the  colors in both palettes so hopefully my photography skills arn't to bad ha! 
To show you just how pigmented BH  eyeshadows are, I swatched a few on my fingers of colors from the matte palette. I love how a little goes a long way. These are going to last me years!! I am really impressed with the colour selection of both eyeshadow palettes and the good mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows gives me a great selection for a bunch of different eye looks, let the fun begin!!
And thats it for my BH Cosmetics haul, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Catch you in the next blog post.

Creative Gesture x

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