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Sample Bar - The Look Of Love!- Box 5 - February - Monthly Beauty Box Subscription | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, happy b-lated valentines day to you all, I hope you all got spoilt. I may be a little to late for valentines day itself but my Sample Bar February Glam Box just arrived in the letter box this morning, so I wanted to share with you all the goodies in this months box!  I really hope you enjoy this blog entry as much as I enjoyed photographing and opening it all!Being around Valentines day I was hoping Sample Bar would do something themed with this special occasion, and as always I was not disappointed in the slightest.  I knew I was up for a surprise as soon as I opened up my Sample Bar box to find that the normal black wrapping paper was Valentines day approved HOT pink! But wait theres more...So after opening/tearing apart my Sample Bar wrapping I was finally confronted with the name of the very special Sample Bar box, which fitting with the theme was named "The Look Of Love". A short and sweet message from the Sample Bar team was as followed and then it got me thinking... what sort of beauty products should I expect to find in a Valentines Day themed Beauty Box?? Pink Lippy, Rose Scented Creams and Body Butters... I honestly did not know what to expect!
And finally the big reveal, so this months Sample Bar Glam Box included a lot of pampering products which to me seemed like the most fitting and logical thing to include in a Valentines Day themed box. Im going to go through the list of products now:
Shiseido - The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge Enriched, ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss, Lash Card, Tooth Spa, Booty Parlor's Flirty Little Secret Firming Scream with Pheromones and last but not least SB'S Heart Shaped Toe Separators. 
After briefly reading through the list of products in this months box I had already picked out my two favorite/Most excited to try products... Firstly the Models Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss was a big tick, however I am not usually a big lip gloss fan I have heard great things about this brand and wanted to jump straight into the box to find it. Secondly the Shiseido Recharge Enriched Night Skincare got me excited, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I am always excited to try new skincare products as I have been overwhelmed in the past with just how effective and overall amazing some products have worked for me.
Here is the selection of products in this months Glam Box, Im so excited to see such a large selection of goodies in this months box, plus I love all the beautiful girly colors all together! I also love the fact that you get a lot of full sized products in this months box, it gives you a real taste of each product, I dont know about you bur I hate when you get a small sache of a product, one try and you finished it all. Here is a close up on the lip gloss, I really loved the packaging I think it looks so cute and love how it has a handy wee mirror,  would be great for inside your handbag or travel bag!  PS who else is addicted to my new leather and gold arm cuff...I think its so funky :D!

So this concludes my review and unboxing of the February Sample Bar Glam Box, let me know if you are also signed up and what you got in yours!! As always I will see you in my new blog post :) <3
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