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Sample Bar - Ready, Set, Jet!- Box 4 - January - Monthly Beauty Box Subscription | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone,
Or should I say Happy New Year! As usual I have been a very busy girl but sneaked in some time to blog and share my thoughts on the January Sample Bar box called Ready, Set Jet! Which is the fourth Sample Bar Box and as usual I have high expectations on this box. Its funny it was called "Ready, Set, Jet" because I'm away from home at the moment, cat sitting at a friends place while she has jet off to Australia, so expect to see a blog full of Sample Bar Goodness and.... Kittens!!
This months Sample Bar Box was of course called Ready, Set, Jet. The name to me sounds like I should expect to see lots of items that would be great travel companions, like essentials or something along those lines. As always I hope to see some full size products in there somewhere haha (Cheeky).
Here is the list of products in this months Glam Box, Im excited to try the Steam cream  air repair eye cream and le tan coconut lotion, these products would be my top items in this months box to try. I have previously tried Hill Cook Solution Buds and really dont like them that much, I guess I just dont really see a point for them. And I am not a big fan at all of the twist bands. Especially the colour I got in my box... reminds me of grandma tights :S! But enough about my feelings and onto the felines  I wanna see some cats .. oh and some awesome new products!! 
And here it is! The January Glam Box.. I'm liking what i can see and LOVE the cute pink packaging of the steam cream.. how cute! I had a bit of trouble getting the kitten to let me open the box... he was very keen on the ribbion so thanks Sample Bar for that haha. 
Here is a more close up picture of the Sample Bar goodies, I'm so surprised/lucky to have received for the second time in a row, another Le Tan product as I simply love Le Tan as a brand.. I think its value for money and the quality of their products is incredible  Steam Cream is a big thing over in the UK and has received multiple beauty awards from various big names in beauty so I am very eager to try such a cult name product + for the 100th time I simple love the packaging of this product, its so me and its so cute and boy does it smell gorgeous!!I personally have never tried a eye cream before but feel like I should possibly be investing more time and money into my skin as I guess it is never to early to start preventing those horrid age lines or the horrid W word... Wrinkles... Ever since receiving the Dermalogica product in the first Sample Bar box I have been addicted so im hoping this will do wonders to my skin as well. I thought I would do a more close up picture of the Steam Cream as I wanted to show you just how creamy and yummy this cream looks, I just wanna lather it all over my skin it smells so devine, the kitty seems to think the same! I wanted to thank my two very adorable models for helping me put together this very short and sweet blog post and I also wanted to apologize to my blog readers for such a late post.. these kittens got the better of me I swear! 

Overall I was not as impressed with this Sample Bar Box as I was with the past ones I have received  A few of the products I received in this box failed to catch my eye or excitement which was a real shame but Im hoping the next months box will be 100 x better! 

Let me know what your favorite product from this months box was and leave any comments below! I shall see you next post. Love Yas!

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