Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Samplebar - TLC - Box 6 - March - Monthly Beauty Box Subscription | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, March is finally here which always depresses me slightly.. over here in New Zealand march means the end of Summer which also means the end of swimming at the beach, BBQ and all things summery, However not all is negative, there is always a positive about summer ending and that is the arrival of autumn and of course the March 2013 Sample Bar Glam Pack, YAY!! So before I open up a Glam Pack I always analyse what could possibly be inside this months box, this month we say goodbye to summer so I figured it would have to be a selection of products which welcome you into the auturm season, so maybe moisturizers to protect your skin from the seasonal changes, maybe some polish in a auturmy tone.. Time to open I think!
This months SampleBar Box is called TLC (Tender Loving Care) which sounds like the perfect theme for me and the change of season. It is always nice around this time of the year to give yourself a little bit of TLC. 
Here is the written overview of what is inside this months Samplebar Glam Pack, I tend to avoid looking at this until I have seen for myself all of the products inside the box, as I feel like im spoiling the surprise. This box contains lots of skin care products including scrubs and moisturizers, I am also excited to see some makeup products in this months box, especially eye liner!  
Something i am really unsure of looking at this sheet is the Bestow beauty powder.. some sort of supplement? Ether way food and beverage products should not be in a beauty sample box... unimpressed with this choice even if it says its beneficial for skin, hair and nails growth.  hmm.. maybe when I try it I will change my mind.. we will have to wait and see. 
And here is a photo of ALL of the products I received in this months Glam Pack, I am so excited, I always say this but I love trying new skincare products so was over the moon when I saw the facial scrub and the moisturiser, but I also cant wait to swatch the eyeliner! Not to bad Samplebar I am impressed!
Very excited to get a full size sample of the Geoskin light moisturizer , I did a quick swatch and the moisturizer cream is so creamy and light on your skin, so far I love this product... plus its not even oily which is hard to find in most moisturizers. 
This scrub smells devine, it smells beautiful and refreshing, the scent of lemon and almond is quite strong but I definitely want to try this scrub! I really cant get over the smell its yummy! Another thing I am loving about this cute wee product is the adorable packaging.. being a design graduate I always get excited over packaging haha #DesignNerd.
I have always had a love affar with eyeliner, I love how bold and creamy this eyeliner is, Model Co seems to be a brand which just keeps getting better in my book, their products seem to be value for money, pigmented and the quality of each product is amazing!

So this concludes my blog post on the March 2013 Samplebar Glam Pack, I was very excited to see that a lot of these products were made in New Zealand, I love supporting my home country and the local businesses but you really dont hear much about beauty products being made in NZ so it always excites me to discover something made in beautiful New Zealand!  hope you liked this post and ill see you in my next blog post. Please feel free to leave any comments below and I will be sure to reply asap!


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