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Samplebar - Eco Chic - Box 6 - March - Monthly Beauty Box Subscription | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, I obviously lost track of time this month, because before I knew it April was almost over and my April Sample Bar Glam Pack had arrived in the mail.. scary stuff huh? This month has been super busy for me, I am currently working on a personal interior design project in my room which I will be sharing in a future blog post, I have also made it a goal of mine to be posting more on my blog which i think is working rather well. among other things. 

Here is the list of what is in this months Sample Bar box! This months box is called Eco chic which I expected as soon as I read the name of this months box to have a mixture of natural, organic products! So I was very much on the ball as I read what was in this months box.. very exciting! As usual I will have pictures below of all of the products! 

Here is a close up of all of the goodies in the March 2013 Sample Bar Box! I can see a few brands I have seen and some that I already love.. I also see some new products I have never heard of before so overall I am pretty excited to dissect this months box. 

I have tried a few Antipodes products before but never the Antipodes avocado pear nourishing night cream, I am quite excited to give this product a shot but as I always say I really do hate it when I am given such a small sample to trial,  as you really do struggle to get a feel for the product. This usually makes me less likely to buy the full size...Unsure if anyone else feels the same but its kind of a pet peeve of mine. Other than that I love this company and everything they stand for, boasting its many health beneficial ingredients and not to mention it has won many beauty awards such as the Green Beauty Bible award. 
Right, so when I first saw this product I thought it was the normal.. tube of product.. Boring.. but atlas this was not the case, I then realized that each of the coloured lines contain different product samples #SuperNoob. The product is called the Evolu travel tower, this is such a cool concept, I love how this sample gives you the chance to try a range of products all in one go!

The sample tower contains a range of different skincare products such as exfoliator, cleanser, eye cream.. the list goes on. Cant wait to try these out as this company boasts how it caters to every skin type which is always a bonus! 

The sample size of each product sample contained quite a decent amount of product, Quite a good idea for traveling as its super compact, and once these samples run out you could always repot some of your fave cosmetics to throw in your handbag or travel bag for when your on the go! 
I just had to take a picture showing you just how cute the packaging of this product is! Super adorable and I reckon it would be the ideal product for any handbag! Its small, pretty and hey, its definitely a hell of a lot easier to carry this product around compared to a bottle of perfume, This product is called the Perfumies Sold Perfume Stick and so far ... Im in love! 

I dont know what I was expecting to see when it came to what a  solid perfume actually looks like , I have never used one personally but have seen similar products in the past from other brands being advertised. The colour of the Perfumies stick is kinda a yellowy/green colour, it looks very natural looking but my god does it smell amazin.. opening the lid of this solid perfume stick you are overwhelmed by the fragrant scent of fresh florals. YUM! Cannot wait to try this product out, I have heard the scent can last for hours so I am very excited. (PS this isn't even the full lenght of the product.. I was just to scared to push it the whole way up incase in snapped!)
At first glance I really didn't have a clue of what this product was or what it could look like, the brand is called Tailor Masque, I personally had never heard of the brand before so was interested to learn more, but in the meantime all i knew is that it was some sort of detoxing facial treatment!! #SoLost Here is what I discovered after opening up the envelope.. kinda like a mud mask which is designed to  unclog your pores and get rid of toxin build up by detoxifying your skin to reveal a better, healthier feeling skin.. This is something I have never tired before but really found quite unusual. I will probably try this to see if it could maybe help with healing my horrid acne scaring. hmm watch this space. 
Now heres something I'm really excited about! I have always wanted to try out a shampoo bar before but have never really got around to it, so as you can tell I was pretty over the moon when I saw this in my Sample Bar Glam Pack its from a New Zealand company called Sorbet.  The product itself was actually wrapped in a plastic material which when in touch with water is biodegradable . I thought this was super cool!! I love this product already without even having to use it because it boasts their use of natural extracts such as cocoa butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil which is also amazing for your nails, it also boats having no bad stuff ie Parabens etc  #LoveThis!Last but not least Sample Bar offered all of their subscribers a wee easter treat.. this is the only photographic evidence of this ever existing thought as I some how misplaced it straight away after photographing... in my mouth. Woops!

Anyways this concludes this months Sample Bar box , I have added links in the text to all of the products mentioned in this months Sample bar box to make it easier for you all to navigate if you want to learn more about each of the products. Other then that I will see you all in my next blog post!

Take care, CreativeGesture

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