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Hey Everyone, seeing as my post on "My Favourite Online Stores" was such a hit I wanted to post another similar blog post but this time on my Favourite Online Cosmetic, Haircare and Skincare stores, I love these type of blog posts as they are a great way of discovering great new online stores that you may or may not have heard about before, plus it also serves as a directory which I will continue to update every time I find a new store which I think is worth a mention.Part of being in the online beauty community is sharing each others knowledge, so if you know of any great online beauty related stores which you reckon I should have a look at and potentially add to my Online store directory.. PLEASE let me know! You can share your faves below in the comments section as well. Below is my Online Store Directory, I hope this helps you out next time your shopping
StrawberryNet - A website dedicated to selling High Quality Cosmetics, Skincare, Haircare and Fragrances. This site also offers free shipping worldwide and has a loyalty scheme, the more you shop their the more discounts you obtain.
Sleek Makeup - This is by far one of my all time favourite makeup brands. Their products are famous for their high pigmented colours which create bold statements but also for being very high quality yet affordable, plus they also ship to most international destinations and they don't test on animals! PS.. I love the blush by 3 its amazing!
Gracie Lou - This website is New Zealand owned and operated and stocks products which are usually very hard to get or expensive in New Zealand, products such as the famous beauty blender, trilogy, mac .. the list goes on. I have shopped here numerous times and love their customer service!
Sorbet - I recently discovered this website after receiving a sample of their solid shampoo's in my March Sample Bar box and instantly fell in love, this website sells solid shampoo's, conditioners, shaving bars and more! And even better they boast their natural properties using organic and natural oils and no parabens.
BH Cosmetics - If you are wanting to stock up on makeup fast then this website ticks that box 100 times over, they sell amazing makeup palettes which are very much affordable. I love their eye shadows, they are amazing and have great pigmentation plus the colours are gorg. I also love that they don't test on animals!
Sigma Brushes - The majority of my makeup brushes are from Sigma, I love this website and I adore their makeup brushes. They are affordable for the quality and if you look after them well enough they will last forever!
Natures Bubbles - I discovered this cute wee store at Easter Fest 2013, its run by this really sweet couple who make all of the soaps by hand, they are made from natural and organic materials and work well with any skin type. If you live in New Zealand then you should definitely order some off of their website as the quality of their soaps is amazing!!
Carol Priest - I first discovered this amazing brand after receiving a sample of their beautiful Almond and  Lemon Balm scrub in my Sample Bar box, since then I have fallen in love with this brand. They are New Zealand owned and operated and make a range of different products ie Skincare, Haircare the list goes on.. The prices seem a wee bit on the pricey side of things however they are amazing and natural!
Sedona Lace - A more recent find, this website sells makeup brushes and cosmetics, so far my favourites from this site are the stick it to em eye primer and the pink buffer brush. Their international shipping is pretty affordable and their products last for ages!
Lush - If you are not familiar with Lush stores then you are missing out, they offer Fresh handmade cosmetics including their famous bath bombs, soaps, perfumes, haircare and cosmetics.. I personally love their Rose hip body conditioner, its my fave, definitely worth a look at!
Asos - Not only is this website a HUGE online destination for all things fashion , they also stock beauty brands such as Benefit, Bourjois, Models Own, Stila to name a few and offer free shipping worldwide .. BONUS!
NZsale - A free to join, members only website which regularly has promotions and sales on popular and boutique beauty brands, this website has amazingly discounted products which makes up for their relatively slow delivery time.  This is the New Zealand edition, however they do have chain websites for international customers.
SampleBar - They do have an online store but I thought I would mention Sample bar, for all who are not familiar with Sample bar and live in New Zealand, Sample bar is a monthly beauty subscription service. Check out my past blog posts for more information.

Ebay-  I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain what this website is.. but! This website is great for sourcing cheap cosmetics but you have to be very careful as there are a lot of people who sell fake non authentic cosmetic products online through this website.. I have personally have a few experiences with fake cosmetics myself but the majority of the buyers i shop from have been great. A tip would be to try and shop only in"Top Rated Seller"  stores.. there should be an icon telling you that they are
Trademe - This is New Zealand alternative to Ebay, I must emphasis the same advice goes to this site as it did for shopping on Ebay.. be careful. Look at the sellers feedback before shopping with them. Otherwise this website is also very awesome for finding deals on cosmetics.. I buy my Revlon Colour stay off this website every time.

So you have reached the end of my list, however.. I will be adding to this list on a regularly basis as I am sure I have missed out a few amazing stores along the way plus I'm sure I'll have a few new stores to add to my list as the months go on.  I really hope this helped you discover a few new sites to look at. Feel free to leave a comment below with your faves so I can have a look. Other then that I shall see you in my next blog post.


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