Friday, May 24, 2013

Samplebar - Limited Edition- Box 7 - March - Monthly Beauty Box Subscription | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, I was really surprised to have received this months Samplebar Glam Pack so early, however I am VERY excited for this months Glam Pack as pictures have already leaked on facebook of what is inside this months box.. I'm deffinitly liking what I I'm seeing! Sadly I have been so busy that I didn't get time to publish this blog post early into the month so I really hope you enjoy this blog post, even if its a wee bit late. 

Oooh!!!! Need I say more, this box is amazing!

Here are all the amazing goodies in my Glam Pack! I am so excited, this has one of the best Sample Bar Glam Packs I have ever received, very exciting to see a few big beauty brands in this box, especially excited to see Viva La Juicy!!! I have wanted to try this perfume for so SO long!! Also excited to try out Clinique for the first time ever!!

Also in this months Sample bar glam back I recieved a Clinque eyeshadow quad, this is my first ever Clinique product so Im super excited to try this brand out and see if I like it, I have heard plenty of amazing things about their products so I have pretty high expectations, good luck Clinique!  

Im overwhelmed with how pigmented these eyeshadows are!! I really loved the colours as well especially the taupe colour, I can tell I'm going to use this colour a lot as its such a versatile colour, Another thing I love about this small eyeshadow quad was the design of it, I love how compact it is, pocked sized! Lately I have been loving travel sized products. 

Another brand I have yet to try is Lancome, however I have been quite sneeky and already managed to try this product out on a few occasions, it is safe to say I have found my new "Go To" Mascara for the time being.. this product is AMAZING!!! This mascara knows how to define and lenghen your eyelashes and thedeap 

Also in my limited edition glam pack was this product from Elizabeth Arden, called Prevage. I have tried a few products from Elizabeth Arden in the past and loved their bronzer but have never tried any of their skincare products, 
I was really surprised to see such a bright coloured cream come out of this product for some reason, I was expecting it to be the everyday white coloured creams you usually get for skincare products. I loved the smell of this product however I can quite figure out what it smells like... fruity? 
Shiseido... I have heard of this brand so many times but have never tried any of their products, I am really excited to see a pore correcting product in my glam pack as I have always suffered with having larger pores as I have oily skin so fingers crossed this works!

Well this concludes my blog post on the Limited Edition Sample Bar Glam Pack, I really hope you liked it, I am really impressed with this months box, I hope that Sample Bar continues impressing me..! Very happy!
Did you get the limited edition Glam Pack? What did you think of it??

See you in my next blog post

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Month In Pictures - April 2013 - Warm Bodies, Tenpin Bowling | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone. the months seem to be flying this year, its already heading into the winter months over here in New Zealand,  which I am semi excited about.. kinda! Anyways I am heading off subject so back on track, this post marks the end of April and the start of May therefore this blog post is on my month in photos for April 2013.

This month my boyfriend and I went on a "date night" sort of date, firstly we went out for tea followed by going to the new movie "Warm Bodies", we weren't actually going to go to this movie but because our tea took longer then anticipated we decided to go to this instead. I actually enjoyed this movie, i loved the story line, but also loved the selection of music played throughout the movie and the touch of romance throughout the story was also enjoyable! 
I also went Tenpin bowling this month with a few friends who had university break, was great to see them all again however I now realize I am terrible at bowling.. I may have got the lowest score. I will hopefully have another vlog video up on my channel at some point of me at Tenpin bowling if you want to see me almost get a strike + fail the rest of time...! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you think I should continue this video/blog series.