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Sorbet Cosmetics - Solid Shampoo Bars in Heali Kiwi- Mini Haul & Review | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, long time no post, I am very sorry for letting you all down on the whole blogging front but finally I have a new blog post up about a product which I think you will love, just as much as I have been! I recently was given the exciting opportunity to try Sorbet solid shampoos out in one of the more recent Sample Bar Glam Packs.. at first I was skeptical to be truthful but after trialling the sample sized version out I was sold.. I am never going to use another liquid shampoo again!!
After trialling the sample size of Sorbets solid shampoo bar for over a month I decided to purchase a full sized bar, initially I was planning on only buying one bar but I actually ended up purchasing three of the Heali Kiwi bars, each bar retails at $22 each, which at the time seems a lot in comparison with liquid shampoos but solid shampoos last six times longer then bottled liquid shampoos, so really.. you do the math!
The reason as to why I ended up purchasing three of the Sorbet solid shampoos was...I had already got my mum hooked on the product after letting her trial a bit of the sample sized solid shampoo so one of the bars was for her, the other was for my aunty who has been back and forth to the doctor recently with irritated scalp.. I have a feeling this will work miracles for her as it did for me! , and the other reason to my sorbet obsession was that before using sorbet shampoos I had always had itchy and flaky scalp, however after using the trial my scalp was no longer itchy and my hair felt a hundred times softer plus I love the fact that these bars boast being eco friendly, Containing absolutely no preservatives which is so rare, I have always been grossed out at the amount of chemicals we pour and lather onto our scalp, it scares me! 

If your like me and you LOVE fruity smelling products then you will absolutely adore the smell of the Heali Kiwi. It smells absolutely amazing, a real mix of kiwifruit and coconut, so good you could almost eat it (However not recommended). This bar left my hair feeling amazing but also smelling just as good!

As for the packaging I was interested to discover that everything about this product was biodegradable, which was really cool! The packaging of all the Sorbet Shampoo Bars are water soluble, meaning that when exposed to water they will dissolve. Im not a crazy "greeny" or anything like that but feel better knowing that I am not damaging the planet as much as I used to with all of the shampoo bottles I would go through in a year!Also for all of you wondering what the Heali Kiwi solid shampoo bar looks like, heres is a picture I snapped of it just for you! It is a "yellowy orange" colour with "blacky/brown" flecks throughout. It is also a lot larger then I expected it to be, especially in comparison with the sample size I had received  so I was pretty happy with my purchase. The bar itself  weighs 95.00 Grams, so I reckon this will last we quite awhile! 

Thank you for reading this blog post, let me know if you have tried using a solid shampoo before and your thoughts on it.. would love to know!

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  1. Awesome review thanks! :)
    Could you please explain how exactly you use it? Do you rub the bar on your head or??? haha
    Thanks xox

    1. @Heatherrrxo I am going to be uploading a video with info on how to use etc very soon but as @Lisaj9851 mentioned, its very simple you just swipe it over your hair about 4-5 times, because I have long hair though I do that step and then gather the length up on top of my hair and repeat the first step again. Hope this helps <3

  2. Hi, I use these bars and I was the same - someone raved about them to me so I had a try and I was sold straight away - I will never use a liquid shampoo ever again. It seems crazy that liquid shampoos even exist. They put so much "stuff" into them for no sane reason. You use these bars like soap - so yeah you do kind of rub it on your head! You just rub the bar over your hair, front to back, about 4-5 times. You don't even need conditioner, although they do have a conditioning bar (Wonder bar) that is meant to be even better. They are constantly developing new products and do skin and baby products too. Sorbet also do subscriptions so you can pay monthly and get sent a bar every month or two depending on the plan. It works out cheaper overall too. And no I don't work for them! I just really really love this product. It's truly amazing.

    1. That's '4 to 5 times', not 45!

    2. @Lisaj9851 Im just as passionate as you are on this product, it really and truely is a miracle product, my hair has never felt as soft, not has my scalp ever felt this good! Im slowly but surely converting my whole entire family to solid shampoos.... RIP liquid shampoos!


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