Monday, July 1, 2013

Sorbet Cosmetics - Solid Shampoo Bars Sorbet Sampler - Mini Haul & Review | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, I am finally back into the swing of blogging on the regular, however I seem to have developed a pretty bad addiction for Sorbet Cosmetics Solid Shampoo Bars, I really just cant get enough of it!! Slowly but surely I am converting my whole family to from liquid to solid shampoo and I have also heard from a few of my lovely subscribers that I have started to convert them also. #Woops! I wanted to do a small blog post of Sorbets Sampler Box of Solid Shampoos before I send this wee bad boy away to a relative, just to show you all what the sampler looks like and my first impressions on the product. 
As I stated in my last blog I am in love with Sorbet Solid Shampoos, I never use liquid shampoo anymore, I have truly been converted.. its my holy grail! I love the getting gifts and therefore I also love giving gifts, especially when its something that I would love to be given. Before buying the Heali Kiwi balm I was going to buy the Sorbet sampler for myself, I think its such a great idea of deciding on which Sorbet Solid to purchase, plus it gives you a feel for the product before committing. You get five sample sizes Sorbet Solids in each Sorbet Sampler box which retails at $25 NZD each. Every Sorbet Sampler box contains a a selection of random Sorbet Solid Shampoos, this box contained some of the more popular bars including St Clements, Frizz Wrangler and also some I am less familiar with like Sweet and Sexy. I am regretting not buying myself a box of samplers now, they look so cute! 
Lastly I wanted to briefly show you the size of the box in comparison to the size of my hand just so you can get some idea of the sorbet sampler in size before I wrap it all up and send it away. I was actually quite surprised, I didn't expect it to be this large for some reason (not that thats a bad thing!) This blog post was only meant to be short as I have already blogged about Sorbet recently but I think the Sorbet samplers are the perfect way of getting to know weather or not solid shampoo is for you, it also in my case makes a great wee present! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I have a video coming soon on my youtube channel CreativeGesture with everything you need to know on Sorbet Solid Shampoos including how to use and store them, so watch this space. Thats it for now, leave a comment below if you have any questions you would like answers.



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