Friday, August 9, 2013

Limited Edition Sleek Makeup Candy Collection: Review & Swatches | CreativeGesture

Hey everyone, about a month ago I received the Limited Edition Sleek Makeup Candy Collection in the mail after ordering it from their online store. This collection is so me! It's super girly with lots of pinks and bright neon coloured pigments and as usual everything in the collection is to die for! I am SO excited about this collection so have put together a blog post with high definition photos and of course swatches!
Here is the Limited Edition Sleek Makeup Candy Collection all un-boxed, it looks so gorgeous together, the colours and packaging are incredible . I cannot wait to try all of the eyeshadow pigments out, its nice to see a good variety of cream, shimmer and matte finish products in this collection. If you ask me its a pretty cute collection!I have already fallen in love with Sleeks blush by 3 in the past, I have their Lace blush by 3 and consider it a holy grail and my go to selection of blushes. The candy collection blush by three is called "Sweet Cheeks" and contains three pretty pink shades, from left: Candy Floss (Creme) , Dolly Mix (Powder) and lastly Cupcake (Powder). All names I feel are perfectly in fitting with the theme of this collection.I love Sleeks eye shadows, they are always so brightly pigmented so as usual the I-Divine Candy Collection Eyeshadow palette nicknamed i-Candy was no disappointment what so ever! The colours are absolutely gorgeous I'm loving the pastel pinks and cool fresh blues, the pigments look gorgeous in the palette and I bet they will look even better on! 
I tried my best to swatch all of the eye shadows as best as I could, so here goes! (From left to right) 
Top : Strawberry Sherbet (Matte), Bon Bon (Shimmer), Parma Violet (Matte), Apple Sour (Shimmer) , Pear Drop (Shimmer) Flump (Matte).
Bottom: Liquorice (Matte), Blue Fizzle (Matte), Aniseed (Shimmer), Bubble Gum (Matte), Mint Cream (Matte), Cream Soda (Shimmer)

This is my first ever Sleek Pout Paint, I have heard people rave about how long lasting and pigmented these pout paints are so was very excited to see a pout paint included in the Candy Collection! I simply love the colour of this product as well, so bright and bold great to make a statement with, I cannot wait to try this colour on! 
 Swatch of Sleeks Limited Edition Candy Collection Pout Paint in Lol-Lip-Pop
Overall I am thrilled with how amazing the Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Candy collection is, I couldn't be happier, as usual the quality of Sleek Makeups products are incredible and I am yet to be disappointed! The collection itself was perfectly in theme, all of the products reminded me of candy with their bright and bold tones and colours, it was nice to see a variety of different finishes to the products. I love this collection and hope that Sleek continue to surprise me!

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