Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Like List: 5 Facebook Pages Worth Liking | CreativeGesture

Hey Everyone, like most of you a big part of my life is online, I shop online, I socialize online and game online! Ive always been more of an online gal rather then watching the television therefore over the years have discovered some pretty cool sites and pages. Most of you will have a Facebook account like myself. I spend WAY to much time on there doing absolutely nothing, honestly I have no clue how I spend so much time on Facebook!! Anyways during my time so far on Facebook I have discovered some pretty cool pages that I think are worth a like, these pages are quirky and entertaining, so I wanted to share a few of my favourite pages with you. Here are my top 5 Facebook pages of the moment. Oh! And If I have missed any good pages please.. link me below!
My first Facebook page worth liking is based of the classic Where's Wally? books, I used to love these books when I was younger! This page is great for passing time, they post a new Where's Wally challenge every day, some harder then others.. can you find Wally below? (It took me only a minute)
I love art.. BUT not all art appeals to me.. however while at Design School I came across this amazing artist know by the name C215 and ever since then I have forever been inspired. This lead me to find and like the C215 Facebook page and I'm glad I did! They post amazing art pieces on a weekly basic, there art is like nothing I have ever seen before, so unique yet bold. Definitely worth a look at! 
When I first discovered Magical Wonderlands Facebook page I was unaware that they sold clothing, the reason I liked this page was their amazing look books, funny and witty quotes and memes and beautiful pictures which they post often. Since then I have been inspired by their beautifully crafted bodices which are honestly perfection if that was a thing! I would definitely recommend liking this page for some fashion inspiration! #LoveIt 
When I was only 10 years old my mother took me to the World of Wearable Art show in Nelson, since then it has moved to Wellington as it has grown into quite an icon in  the fashion and art scene worldwide. I can still remember the feeling I had going to the show feeling absolutely inspired and wow'ed by the creativity. I have never seen anything else quite like it. Their Facebook page shows snippets of creations that I'll be featured in their show and also artsy pieces. I love this Facebook page, I am actually going to the WOW show in Wellington this year for my 21st birthday! 
Last but not least I have been loving Steven Khalils beautiful wedding dress designs, they are angelic! I know I am far away from having my own wedding but a girl can dream of the perfect wedding dress cant she? I have always loved pretty things and love this page, hey maybe one day if I'm really lucky my dream could be a reality but in the meantime I don't mind some of Stevens amazing works to pop up on my timeline for me to dream about #Tragic 
.. and thats it, my top 5 Facebook pages I think are worth liking. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, I really enjoyed putting it all together although it was tough choosing only 5! Feel free to post your fave Facebook pages below in the comments section! 

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